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Single Customer View

Get an unprecedented view of your customers and how they interact with your brand.


RMS brings your existing card-based loyalty program to a next-generation mobile platform. 

Vouchers, Coupons & Rewards

Easily create and deliver vouchers, coupons and rewards based on activity, location and demographics.

Content & Event Marketing

Create exciting content and events and push them out to your customers when you want.

Location Targeting

Our location-based marketing ensures you deliver relevant offers and information when they are needed

Real-time Mobile Marketing

Track campaign performance using the campaign dashboard and re-target specific customers in real-time

Configurable Dashboards

Easily spot trends in the data and take action so you can base your business decisions on real-time information.

Mobile Wallet

A flexible Mobile wallet that allows easy integration into your payment framework.

Enterprise-grade Security

Allow different people within the organisation to view, edit, credit and debit accounts.