As an invited guest, Riverview’s Founder and CEO Brad Gray addressed an audience of 100 at the Singapore Retail Industry Conference (SRIC) 2017, an event jointly organized by the Singapore Retail Association and SPRING Singapore. His keynote focused on mobile loyalty and retention within an omni-channel marketing approach.

Brad Gray, SRIC 2017

What’s an Omni-Channel Approach?

Most businesses already have a successful multi-channel approach in place. This means that they’re able to reach out to their customers where they are, whether that’s in-store or through social channels.

The real trick comes with creating an omni-channel marketing experience – making sure every single customer is getting a 360 degree brand experience through every channel you operate. Having an omni-channel approach means that your customer receives the same or similar messaging across each of your channels, whether physical or digital.

Here’s a quick example of effective omni-channel marketing, done by Singaporean telco Circles:

When one of our colleagues marked six months of using the Circles telco, she received an in-app push note rewarding her with an extra 500MB of mobile data per month. Not long after, she received an SMS notification, and an e-mail – a great example of how one single message was sent out by the brand to an individual customer through three different channels.

This has two benefits – it keeps your brand message top of mind, and it allows your customer to feel rewarded thrice, thereby increasing their positive association with your brand.

How Rewards and Loyalty Comes into Play

Integrating a rewards platform with your omni-channel marketing plan allows your customer to not only have an immersive brand experience, but also a rewarding one. Any solution that drives customer retention is great for your business’s bottom line, allows you to get to know your customer better, and most importantly, gives you better feedback. An engaged customer base will give you much better feedback than a disengaged one.

Some Ways to Start:

Developing a quality loyalty and engagement program takes work – it’s more than printing out a stamp card or assigning points to purchases. You’d want to take the leap into mobile loyalty platforms where you’d have access to real-time data on how your customers spend, gain and use loyalty points; have an overview of your entire program; and have the opportunity to send campaigns and notifications to customers right to their mobile phones.

If you’re looking for tips, here’s a Slideshare about how to create and develop a killer mobile loyalty program:


At Riverview, we’re making the end customer experience engaging, seamless and targeted and the client experience intuitive, intelligent and easy to navigate. Simply put, we make understanding and growing customer lifetime value a piece of cake so budgets can be more rightfully distributed between acquisition and retention tactics.

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