F&B Loyalty Programs

It takes a lifetime to earn a customer, and only a minute to lose one – but these F&B concepts are doing a terrific job of keeping their customers satisfied, and loyal to their brand. Here are 7 of the best-value F&B loyalty programs in Singapore, and why we absolutely love them.

The vast majority of successful F&B loyalty programs today are mobile-based – this is fast becoming an absolute must for companies looking to retain their customers. Having a mobile app makes you constantly accessible to your customers, and developing a loyalty or retention program on the app allows your customer to better engage with your brand on-the-go, redeem rewards and promotions in-app, and receive latest news and event invites for your brand.

The top 4 programs on this list are all mobile based, but we’ve included 3 more programs that don’t have an app (although they would be even better if they did!)

1. Harry’s Bar

With 26 bars & restaurants in Singapore – and new outlets popping up regularly – Harry’s has created a brand for good food and great drinks in awesome locations.  That’s why their introduction of a mobile loyalty program was so exciting – both new customers and seasoned regulars are offered frequent promotions, offers and deals.

The best part? All new members get a welcome pack of vouchers worth $30, everyone earns 15% rebate on the total bill for use the next time you visit any Harry’s, and $100 worth of vouchers during your birthday month to help them celebrate. This makes it one of the most generous loyalty programs in Singapore and one of the most accessible programs on the island. Hooray for Harry’s!

2. Starbucks

Arguably one of the most iconic global F&B loyalty programs, and available here in Singapore, My Starbucks Rewards has delighted coffee-drinkers everywhere with it’s rewards program. Rewards members get different rewards based on the tier they belong to – either Welcome, Green or Gold. Members earn points based on their total bill, where $1 means 1 point that can be redeemed for free items off the Starbucks menu. Every 60 points allows you to the choice of any drink from the menu!

Stay Gold! Members who have reached Gold status have a year to accumulate 300 points to keep their Gold status for another year.  If you’re Gold, you get special offers and perks not available to others. You access your loyalty status through the My Starbucks Rewards app, which also serves as a mode of payment in-stores. Check out our full-length Starbucks case study here!

3. C-Side

Who doesn’t enjoy a day-trip to Sentosa? C-Side’s mobile loyalty app is making finding delicious food easier while you enjoy your day at the beach – whether you’re at Coastes, Sand Bar, Flame, Makan2 or Bikini Bar. Their app offers immediate membership, and features an in-app mobile wallet. Members can place orders directly in the app the app, pay the bill and have it delivered right to their table. Who wants to leave the comfort of their sun lounger?

What makes it better: Members earn loyalty points when they spend at any C-Side establishment and when successfully referring friends to join the program. Every $1 gets you 10 points.  Points can be converted to cash vouchers at any time! Every 5000 points equals a $10 voucher.

4. Nando’s

This one is so recent, we’re still wrapping our heads around it! Nando’s just launched their PERi-Vilege program in Singapore. Sign-up is simple and members are tasked with collecting ‘Chillies’ to redeem rewards, which they can do by spending $20 in a single receipt. And with the first sign up, if you add all of your personal information (like address, gender and holidays), you’re automatically rewarded with a free Chilli!

Nando’s rewards are pretty comprehensive – the first 3 Chillies you collect get you a free ¼ chicken, the next 3 get you a free ½ chicken, and the subsequent 3 get you a whole chicken! And they stack up, too – members can redeem the rewards together once you hit 9 Chillies, or individually once you hit each target. The value they give (we did a rough calculation and it comes to at least 18% returns) make it, together with Harry’s, one of the most generous loyalty programs in Singapore.

5. Tung Lok

The Tung Lok group is well known for their range of brands in their F&B portfolio from quick options to high-end dining like  Dancing Crab, Singapore Seafood Republic and Tung Lok Teahouse. Patrons can sign up for a year-long renewable membership (TungLokFirst) at $21.40. But you get a sign-up bonus of $20 (essentially making the sign-up fee only $1.40!) and receive benefits for all their F&B concepts. Members can earn ‘TL dollars’ and a 10% rebate on all a-la-carte orders and set menus. From Monday to Thursday, with a minimum spend of $150, members get a 15% rebate on their purchases.

6. Sushi Tei

Sushi Tei has one of the priciest membership programs at $88 per year, and costs $40 to renew. But we think its worth the price. New members receive $100 worth of e-vouchers for each sign-up, and  when you renew you get $60 worth of vouchers. That alone makes us very happy.  But on top of that, members receive a 10% discount when dining-in, and 20% discount during their birthday month – and, to make the deal sweeter, members earn 5 Sushi Tei Points for every $1 spent. The Sushi Tei points can be used to redeem vouchers and even pay for a renewal!

The only thing we don’t like about this program is the fact that it’s not mobile. Sushi Tei still uses a loyalty and members must join in-store – but we can forgive this old-school method.

7. Jumbo Seafood

Together with Sushi Tei, the Jumbo Group’s cashless and cardless loyalty program is probably the best value-for-money restaurant loyalty programs in Singapore – for $20, you get a 2-year membership with perks like 20% off your total bill at all Jumbo Group’s concepts (including Jumbo Seafood and J-Pot!), the ability to earn Jumbo Dollars and use them to offset up to 30% of your meal, birthday vouchers and invitations to events! So go to Jumbo with your family, spend $500 and get $100 discount. It’s a very tasty offer. 

Are you looking to create a successful loyalty program for your F&B concept? Our SaaS solution has helped our clients (including Harry’s Bar and C-Side) increase their customer’s lifetime value and revenue contribution by giving them the ability to track what types of communications and offers are most effective at shifting behavior. We put your customer’s experience – and not technology – at the center.

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