We spent most of 2017 analyzing some of the best loyalty programs in individual sectors in Singapore – but now that 2017 is over, let’s take a look back and the year and rank the Top 3 loyalty programs across different verticals.

2017 Best Loyalty Programs Singapore

F&B’s Best Loyalty: Harry’s Bar

Harry's Rewards Best Loyalty

Harry’s Rewards

Harry’s is a well known name in Singapore – with over 26 bars & restaurants scattered strategically around the Island, the Harry’s brand appeals to both the working crowd and heartlanders alike. The bar & restaurant brand digitised the Harry’s Membership Program in 2016 to a fantastic reception from both old and new members because of the convenience of carrying your rewards right on your mobile device.

And what fantastic rewards! In 2017, all members received a welcome pack of vouchers worth $30 and $100 worth of vouchers during their birthday month. This is in addition to the very generous 15% rebates on each transaction that gets credited right back into your Harry’s mobile wallet: just in time for another evening at Harry’s!

This loyalty program is one of the most rewarding in the F&B scene in Singapore, and we’re excited to find out what they have in store for members in 2018.

Harry's Loyalty Program

Beauty’s Best Loyalty: The Body Shop Singapore

The Body Shop Singapore gave its customers and members one of the best rewards program in the beauty sector in 2017. Their cornerstone Love Your Body membership program is divided into two tiers: Club is the basic membership a customer receives upon spending $40 at any Body Shop store, and Fan is an upgraded tier for members who spend a total of $400 with the brand in a year.

This program offers Club members 1 point per dollar spent, and offers Fan members 1.5 points per dollar. For every 50 points accumulated (which is about $50 for Club and $33 for Fan members), members are offered a $5 discount off any regular-priced item. This isn’t all – members also receive further discounts on all regular-priced items throughout their membership – 10% off their purchases for Club and 15% off for Fans. This doesn’t take into account all the great promotions and offers given to members throughout their membership!

The Love Your Body mobile application is a useful one-stop tool for members to check their accumulated points, redeem vouchers and keep an eye on their general loyalty status within the program.

The Body Shop SG Rewards

Best Mobile Loyalty Program: Starbucks Singapore

Most of the programs on this list have digital or mobile versions of their loyalty program, but not all of them have as versatile and cohesive mobile loyalty program as Starbucks Singapore’s My Starbucks Rewards program.

The Starbucks Rewards program is arguably one of the most iconic on this list, with many members coveting the ultimate coffee status symbol: the Starbucks Gold Card. Starbucks cleverly offers members rewards at regular intervals that keeps them coming back as dedicated members. The program is divided into three tiers according to accumulated spend: Welcome, Green or Gold. Each member earns 1 point or star with every dollar spent, and can redeem a free drink of food item with every 60 points accumulated.

Members reach the coveted Gold tier after accumulating 300 points, and with an upgrade comes special offers and perks not available to members of lower tiers.

What makes their mobile loyalty program so special? The My Starbucks Rewards app is a beacon in the world of mobile loyalty programs. The app offers a comprehensive, all-in-one solution for members to access their rewards with one-tap; pay directly through their mobile rewards wallet by scanning a barcode at the POS; and top up their digital Starbucks card on-the-go among a host of other features.

This seamless, easy-to-use interface ensures that members always have the opportunity to use their membership unless you forget both your phone and your card! That’s why Starbucks takes the top spot for mobile loyalty in 2017 – and we can’t wait to see what else Starbucks has in store for us in 2018.

Starbucks Rewards

Retail’s Best Loyalty: Wing Tai wt+

The Wing Tai Group manages brands like Topshop, Dorothy Perkins, Karen Millen and G2000 in the APAC region. They run and manage the wt+ loyalty program, a retail points-based loyalty program that runs across their different retail brands across the group.

This cardless program is easy to join – customers that sign up in-store or online are automatically enrolled into the Silver tier. To upgrade to Gold, a member has to spend $300 within a year at any of the brands that Wing Tai houses, and to upgrade to the Premium tier members must spend $1000 within a year. While the actual point-to-dollar ratio differs based on spend, it averages out at 1 point per dollar transacted. Gold and Premium members can redeem $1 off a purchase with every 20 points they have accumulated – which evens out to a pretty decent 5% rebate.

We picked the wt+ program as our favourite retail loyalty even though they don’t have a strong digital or mobile presence because their program is cohesive, comprehensive and easy for members to access. Members give their IC or mobile number at the POS when cashing out and points are automatically awarded to their membership. Members can redeem rewards based on their spend across all brands under the Wing Tai group, which is a great way to encourage members to spend across various outlets throughout the year. Members are also offered bonus points when they upgrade to a new tier, which incentivizes members to want to spend enough to upgrade to the next tier.

The wt+ program is one of our favourites in the retail space, and our hope for 2018 is that the Wing Tai group turns it digital or mobile – where users can easily access their transaction data on the go, get recommended items based on transaction history and redeem rewards instantly.


Transport’s Best Loyalty: GrabRewards

Grab has created a rewards program that is unrivalled by their counterparts in the private hire scene (Uber and ComfortDelGro). In 2016, Grab introduced a free rewards program as a beta test for Grab users to earn points for their rides. Users can then redeem points for discounts, offers and vouchers from Grab partners.

Today, their rewards program is offered to every user at no additional cost, and is built directly into the Grab application (as long as it’s been updated to the latest version). Users automatically earn points for every spend with Grab.

With their 1-point-per-dollar-spent points and reward system, higher priced rides during peak periods, long distances and with premium vehicles earn users more points. Grab occasionally offers multipliers, or boosts, where customers can earn more points to redeem rewards quicker. Some boosts include earning double points when paying through Grab’s own payment system GrabPay.

The dedication Grab has paid to making their passengers feel valued and rewarded is unparalleled in the private hire industry, and easily made it on this list. Coupled with their recent partnership with Singapore Airlines and Krisflyer, where passengers can redeem Grab rewards points for Krisflyer miles, Grab has won the hearts and pockets of customers in Singapore who are looking to be rewarded for their rides.

Grab Rewards

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